nik Dr. Nik Norulaini Nik Abd. Rahman [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535206 | E-mail :
Tissue Culture, Environmental Management and Audit, Supercritical Fluid Technology

Associate Professor
mustafa 2 Dr. Mustafa Fadzil Farid Wajidi [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532318 | E-mail :
Molecular Genetics, Molecular Entomology, Insect detoxifying enzymes, Lifelong Learning
nazirah Dr. Nazirah Ahmad Azli  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534556  | E-mail :
Botany, Ecology
zuraini zakaria Dr. Zuraini Zakaria [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533948  | E-mail :
Plant Growth and Developmental, Plant Bioactive Compounds, Crop Physiology

Senior Lecturer
anita Dr. Anita Talib  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534574  | E-mail :
Ecoinformatics/ Ecosystem Modelling & Ecology of Marine and Freshwater Resources
Lim Lee Sim Dr. Lim Lee Sim [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532313 | E-mail :
Zoology, Conservation genetics, Bats
norsuhana Dr. Norsuhana Abdul Hamid [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532276  | E-mail :
Exotic meats, Ethnozoology, Wildlife Tourism
Mohammed Tashriq Dr. Mohammad Tasyriq Che Omar [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534571 | E-mail :
Recombinant Antibody against HIV-1, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Cancer Research, Human Genetics

hanafi atan Dr. Hanafi Atan  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533931  | E-mail :
Open and Distance Education, Instructional Technology, e-Learning
shukri Dr. Shukri Sulaiman [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533639  | E-mail :
Computational Solid State Physics, Electronic Structure, Muon in Materials, Hyperfine Interactions

Associate Professor
faridah jaafar Dr. Faridah Ibrahim  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532272 | E-mail :
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Studies and Education
saw Dr. Saw Kim Guan [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534564  | E-mail :
Nucleation and growth of zinc oxide nanostructures, nucleation and growth of chemical vapour deposition diamond, surface characterizations, heterostructures, metal contacts, employability studies of distance education graduates, interaction in the virtual learning environment, instructional designing for distance education courses

Senior Lecturer
chuah lee siang Dr. Chuah Lee Siang [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534747  | Email :
Solid State Physics
norzakiah Dr. Nor Zakiah Yahaya [Academic Profile ]
Phone : 04-6532286 | E-mail :
Microwave Sensors, Microwave Absorbers/ Microwave Shieldings, Numerical Anaysis of Microwave applications, Dielectric Measurement
nurul sabihah Dr. Nurul Sabihah Zakaria [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535926 | E-mail :
Nanotechnology, Materials Science

omar shawkataly Datuk Dato' Dr. Omar Shawkataly  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533936  | E-mail :
Organometallic Chemistry, Laboratory Safety, X-Ray Crystallography, Environmental Chemistry, Occupational Safety and Health

Associate Professor
mimi Dr. Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Ibrahim  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533939  | E-mail:
Synthesis and Characterization of Inorganic and Coordination Compounds and Computational, Studies on their Structural and Electronic properties
ahmad Dr. Ahmad Hj. Mohamad  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533694  | E-mail :
Atomic Spectroscopy - Trace element analysis, Planning & Management of Distance Education

Senior Lecturer
tan wee Dr. Tan Wen Nee  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534563 | E-mail :
Isolation and characterization of natural products, Bioactivity studies on plant extracts and isolated organic compounds
anis tasnim 2 Pn. Anis Tasnim Md Yusof  [Academic Profile]
Phone number : 04-6534573  | Email :
Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Polymer, Nanomaterial
sumiyyah Dr. Sumiyyah Binti Sabar [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532284 | E-mail :
Modification of TiO2 photocatalytic system for environmental clean-up of water pollutants, Synergistic photocatalytic-adsorption system for solar and visible light detoxification of environmental pollutants, Modification and utilization of biopolymer for water and wastewater treatment
gunasunderi Dr. Gunasunderi Raju  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533933 | E-mail :
Synthesis and Modification of Natural Rubber and Natural Rubber Derivatives, Natural Fibers and Natural Rubber Based Biocomposites, Drug Delivery in Rubber Based Product
Pn. Nurul Syafiqah Rezali




Dr. Nurul Syafiqah Rezali [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535915 | E-mail :
Organic Chemistry, Natural Products

abdul rahman Dr. Abdul Rahman Othman [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532298  | E-mail :
Robust statistical computing, Pyschometrics

Associate Professor
lok yian yian Dr. Lok Yian Yian  [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6534566  | E-mail :
Boundary Layer Flows, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, Convection Flows, Stagnation-Point Flows
noraida Dr. Noraida Abd.Ghani [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533630  | E-mail :
EMS Location Problem, ED Resource Capacity & Planning, State Dependent Queuing Network in an Evacuation, e-Learning & Distance Learning

Senior Lecturer
siti ainor mohd yatim Dr. Siti Ainor Binti Mohd Yatim [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6533633  | E-mail :
Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Sciences , Computational Mathematics
Hazrul Dr. Hazrul bin Abdul Hamid [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6532285 | E-mail :
Statistik Gunaan (Applied Statistics), Siri Masa (Time Series), Permodelan Kualiti Udara (Air Pollution Modelling)

Dr Asyraf  

Dr. Mohd Asyraf bin Mansor [Academic Profile]
Phone : 04-6535906 | E-mail :
Neural Network Learning Algorithms, Logic and Satisfiability Programming, Data Mining, Metaheuristic Algorithms, Numerical Methods